Users can edit the format, share and delete a table from the drop down menu located next to the Table Title section. 

  1. Share Workspace Link - Clicking this button will give the user a link that can be copied and sent to users on their team to view. 

  2. Edit Workspace Sources - Clicking this button will open a pop up window that will allow users to select specific source categories they would like in their table. For more information about sources click here. 

  3. Export as CSV - click this button to export the table to created to a csv file

  4. Duplicate Table - Clicking this button will duplicate the current table into a new table.

  5. Rename Table - Clicking this button will give users the option to edit the title of the table. Please Note: This can also be done by double clicking the current table title.

  6. Delete Table - Clicking this button will permanently delete the table from the app. 

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