Sources in Synapse can be edited and managed from the Sources Tab. Please note that only Admins are able to manage the sources in the Synapse Team account.

Source Options

  1. Open the Source Tab at the bottom right of the menu bar. Data Sources will appear in the format of Standard, Premium, User, Data Stream and User Uploads.

  • Standard Sources - These are sources provided by Vyasa that come standard with subscriptions through the app

  • Premium Sources - can be purchased via Vyasa through specific accounts

  • Data Streams - Users are able to add their own Data Streams in the form of RSS feeds or Twitter feeds.

  • User Data - This is where users can upload their own specific data to the data sources within Synapse

  • User Uploads - Clicking this button allows users to see a compilation of all sources added by users within your Synapse team.

Editing Sources

Sources can be edited by Admin only. Please note: Users can not edit Standard and Premium Data Sources.

  1. In Data Streams: Click the three dot icon to the right of the RSS feed you would like to edit and click the Edit button from the pop up menu.

  2. Admin have the ability to change the name of the RSS feed, input a different URL or adjust the data streams data input into the system to be real time or once. Changing this will affect data pulled from sources in your Workspace previously

  3. Users can also delete sources from this pop up window as well as view data specific to that source.

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