Deep Learning - A subdomain of machine learning that leverages deep artificial neural networks for a wide range of analytics (usually based on some form of pattern recognition or generation) on text, image, video and other types of data.

Named Entity Recognition - A deep learning text analytics subdomain where terms and phrases are identified within unstructured text and classified into categorical (aka entity) types (proteins, cell line, disease, etc.)

Relationship Extraction - A deep learning text analytics task to extract relationships between named entities found in unstructured text by using the grammar and context of the language.

Document Parsing - A document processing task where the system splits a document into its constituent sections.

Part-of-Speech (PoS) Tagging - A deep learning text analytics task to assign (tag) syntactic categories to a term or phrase in unstructured text.

Dependency Parsing - A deep learning text analytics task to identify the grammatical relationships between words in an unstructured text, commonly used to facilitate part-of-speech tasks.

Question Answering (QA) - A deep learning text analytics capability where users pose a question in natural language and the system retrieves answers from the canonical data fabric

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