If you have asked a series of questions in Axon, it's likely that your knowledge graph has become cluttered with answers. If you would like to narrow down your results to only specific concepts, such as proteins, drugs, or diseases, read the steps below.

For starters, let's get you familiar with some of the terms we are using. NER is an acronym for Named Entity Recognition, which is a deep learning text analytics subdomain where terms and phrases are identified within text and classified into categorical (aka entity) types (proteins, cell lines, diseases, etc.). We've used the NER concept types to annotate the answers in Axon into their respective categories.

  1. Ask multiple questions in the search bar.

  2. Once the answer nodes have populated the knowledge graph, click the "Filter" tab.

  3. Click the box underneath "Concept Type"

  4. Select one or more NER concepts you are interested in. Only answers that fall into these categories will be present on the knowledge graph.

Read more about the benefits of NER tagging in What Are NER Concepts?

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