The Evidence View provides all of the data and used in Vyasa's deep learning algorithms to answer your natural language query.

Here is an example portion of the Evidence View:

From top to bottom, the Evidence View displays:

  1. The question asked in the Axon search bar ("What are symptoms of covid-19?").

  2. The total number of unique answers that Axon retrieved from your data fabric.

  3. The answers, followed by their supporting evidence. In this scenario, the answer "fever" has 73 supporting pieces of evidence.

Here's a breakdown for each supporting piece of evidence:

  1. The answer is displayed at the top, and shown in the knowledge graph as the node.

  2. Underneath the answer is the official title of the first supporting document. These pieces of evidence are a mix of user specific data fabrics and the Life Science Reference Data Fabric. Note: this title is also hyperlinked to the original document.

  3. Following the title is the text snippet that the deep learning algorithms used to support the answer in Axon. The answer is highlighted in yellow, and any NER tags are highlighted throughout the text snippet.

  4. Click "Show More" to view all remaining evidence for an answer.

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