As a system administrator, you can add, modify, and remove the data fabrics that are integrated into your company's instance of Layar, and all other Vyasa applications your company uses. These data fabrics are the core of data discovery in these applications, and can be structured by the system admin to best suit the needs of the business.

Adding a New Data Fabric

  1. Enter the System Admin Panel. You can verify that you are in the right place by the yellow bar on the top of the page that will read "System Admin Mode".

  2. To create a new fabric, click the "+" icon to the right of the Fabrics tab. You can find the Fabrics tab on the left-hand menu, or on the Home page of the System Admin Panel.

  3. Enter a Name for your data fabric (e.g. "Business Intelligence Data Fabric") and a brief description of the data fabric (e.g. "Competitive analysis data fabric for internal analysts").

  4. Click "Create".

  5. Select the data providers you want as nodes in the data fabric to include by clicking the toggle button on the right. Note: "User Uploads" include all individual connectors that your data fabric users set up. Read more in User Uploads in the Data Fabric.

  6. Click "Save".

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