Twitter feeds are a critical data stream that a number of companies use to launch press releases, new publications, and product announcements. To keep up-to-date with current news, tweets, and handles published on Twitter, you can add a Twitter connector to your Data Fabric, and have that news automatically ingested into your data fabric. Here's how:

1. Click the "+" icon to the right of the Connectors section (located on your left hand menu).

2. Scroll down the list of available data connectors and click on "Twitter".

3. Add a name for your Twitter Connector (for example, "Nature Press Tweets").
4. Add any hashtags, handles, or keywords that you are interested in:

  • Hashtags (#) are generally used in a tweet to categorize those tweets and emable easier searching in the Twitter platform. Adding the hashtag in the Layar connector will pull in any tweets that include that hashtag.

  • A Twitter handle is the username that appears that the end of a unique Twitter URL (ex: @naturemed is Nature Medicine's Twitter username). Any handles put into the Layar connector will ingest the tweets posted by that Twitter handle, as well as any tweets which "shoutout" to the username and include that handle in their post. (Ex: "Our recent article was just released in the November release of @naturemed. Read it here!"

  • Keywords will scan the entire Twitter platform to include any tweet that has that given keyword in the message. This keyword does not have to have a # or @ symbol to be pulled in. This is generally a useful circumstance for when you want to cast a wide net for a term of interest, such as if you were studying "glucocerebrosidase".

You can add in any combination of hashtags, handles, and keywords in this connector. You can also modify this list at any point in the future.

5. When you are finished, click "Save".
6. From this point onward, any new tweets that are picked up with these tags will be pulled into your Data Fabric via that Twitter Connector.

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