Users are able to query Layar for terms and phrases that exist in the title, metadata, and even within a document's sections. Layar's Section Aware Search enables users to look for key terms within a specified section, such as Methods, to find information for a search within its desired context.

  1. Use the Search Bar to query for documents (see How to Search in Layar for more details).

  2. Hit Enter.

  3. Click the Filter button, located in the top right of the Results Page. This will take you to the Filter Menu.

  4. Under "Document Section", select the sections you wish your query to be searched under.
    For example, if you searched for ABCA1 AND "Alzheimer's disease", but you only want to see results where these terms are found in the Results and Discussion sections of a paper, select Results and Discussion.

  5. Each Section will be listed in the Document Section filter, with a count of how many results there are, given that parameter.

  6. The Results will automatically update with each Document Section filter you apply.

  7. To Clear Filters, either remove a selected Section by clicking the "X" icon, or scroll to the bottom of the Filter Menu and select "Clear Filters", which will clear all filters.

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