In this use case video, we watch Joe Smith, the Principle Investigator at Smith Lab, connect his private repository of PDFs to an additional collection of social media documents, so that he can search across all of the research his lab members have accumulated over the years, as well as quickly locate any new or novel developments in his field.

Joe Smith has purchased access to a social media company's Layar instance with a collection of different press releases from across major scientific journals. They have accumulated thousands of posts from the social media platform, Twitter.

Today, we're going to show you how Joe Smith requests access to the social media node from this company, and how Jane Doe can approve this request, so that the Smith lab can view the social media posts from within their own Smith Lab data fabric.

Watch the video to see the entire process from end-to-end!

Note: If you already know how to add a connector for Amazon S3 buckets and Twitter feeds, you can skip to 3:00 to see the start of the node-to-node sharing process!

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