There are lots of different ways we can get data into Layar. We have what we call Connectors, which are different plug-ins for bringing data to Layar from other third-party storage solutions, such as Amazon S3 buckets, Google Drives, or local desktops. To see a current list of the connectors we support, click here.

Any connectors you have already added into your Layar instance will be visible on the left hand menu (see photo above). You can also view which connectors you have hooked up in each data fabric node through the System Admin Panel (click here to learn more).

To add new connectors, click the "+" icon either on the "Data Catalog" menu option, or the "Connections" menu option. The Data Connector menu will appear.

Click the icon of the desired connector, and fill in the relevant details. For step-by-step instructions on how to find the information for each connector, review the guides in the Setting Up Connectors in Layar section of the Layar support documentation here.

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