You like the functionality of being able to quickly highlight and identify key concepts in your text, such as proteins, genes, diseases, persons, and more. Using deep learning, we do that for you automatically (see "What are NER Concepts?" for an overview).

Let's go one step further, and drill down into the specific tags you are interested in.

Here's how to select/deselect an NER concept tag in the Document View:

Step 1. Find your NER Concept Type legend on the right hand side. You will only see tags listed in the legend that exist in the document you are currently viewing.

Step 2. Toggle on/off any concept type you are uninterested in by clicking the highlighted text.
Note: If you are only interested in one concept type, you can remove all the others simultaneously by clicking the "Only" text on the right hand side of the concept you are interested in.

Step 3. Now, the only highlighted text in your Document View is what has been selected in the legend (in this example, "Chemicals of Biological Interest".

Step 4. To reselect an NER concept type, you can toggle the concept type as seen in Step 2, or click the "Reset" button at the top of the legend.

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