A Set is a feature where you can gather collections of data for a discrete purpose - be it an analytics project, a reading list, or a way to organize your data spatially.

You can view all the sets in your instance by clicking the "Sets" header in the left hand navigation menu:

You can also view a single set by selecting the specific set you are interested in, in the same left hand navigation menu.

You can create a set by clicking the "+" icon on the Sets menu option:

You can delete sets by clicking the checkbox next to their name, clicking the "Selected" button in the top right, and "Delete".

Example Uses for Sets

  • Dataset Preparation: Collect pathology images into a set to pass along to a deep learning model for image classification.

  • Data By Client: Organize and assign all of the data from a certain sponsor or client to quickly review later.

  • Reading Lists: Create a reading list of articles for your life science laboratory that constantly updates with new articles to read.

  • Assign Annotations to Groups: Build Sets out for designated groups of teammates in your Layar instance that need to annotate a specific set of documents.

  • Create Quick File Space: Build a "brain dump" Set for all the articles you're interested in reading but are not able to get to at this current time.

Learn how to add to your sets with this additional support article: How to Add Data to a Set.

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